The Image ‘Depth’ originally evolved from the series Elements - water.

‘The forces of winter create cold in Heaven and water on Earth. They create the kidney organ and the bones within the body… the emotion fear, and the ability to make a groaning sound’.

As I delve deeper into the Element of water I am aware of its complexities on a physical and psychological level affecting human consciousness.

Water has its cycles, its season. is winter. The organ is Kidneys, and its flavors are salty and bitter and its energy is inward and internal.

Everything is connected on a micro scale, connecting the dots weaving your way through the body and in affect creating an outward effect, with such deep insightful and rapport with self.

My research and interest to self discovery and inward journeys gives me greater understanding of my outer world. The way I can understand this is through understanding nature.

Caterina Pacialeo