Group Think

Are we living our truth, our dream, or are we merely caught in a trance of social conditioning?
Such questions are part of this observational body of work, which documents the temporal and mental conditioning and social interactions of subjects occupying specific environments.

Group Think views the self in relation to our environments, a questioning to ponder what is reality what is truth, time stands still in the present moment and we are aware of who we are in relation to the environment we occupy. This came about to me in a time in my life where I started to see really clearly, and could feel and see things on a level that was all too new for me. I felt I had awakened from a really bad dream. These images are a reflection some autobiographical, some observational.

My interest in time, place and space, truth, awareness through self has been an ongoing interest through my personal life and my art practice to which I hold one and the same. My Practice through mediation is my training for the everyday, through experience.

Caterina Pacialeo